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Certified ART Practitioner

About Cory

Cory's Story...In his own words

As an athlete in high school, I injured my shoulder and was determined to find a way to get back into the action quickly. After receiving other types of treatments that did not have significant impact, I was introduced to ART. I found it to be a very effective form of sports therapy.


I remember being so relieved and also astounded at how effective the treatment was for me. As someone who can be impatient, I was happy to have a few short sessions (with no exercise homework) be enough to get me back to full strength.


I continued my passion for fitness and discovered my interest in the mechanics of the human body during college. It did not take me long to realize that becoming an ART practitioner was my calling. I now enjoy helping people get back to whatever it is that their current injury is keeping them from. 

About Cory

Widely known in the ART community as a highly skilled sports therapist and ART practitioner, Cory has built his career tirelessly treating fellow San Diegan’s who have been injured and are experiencing impacts to daily living.

A native of San Diego, Cory specializes in treating muscle and nerve conditions. These painful issues can arise in elite athletes, those with sedentary lifestyles, and everything in between. 


He evaluates each patient's issue as if solving a puzzle. Once he has discovered the root cause, he customizes the session to deliver the most effective treatment. 


Cory enjoys getting to know his patients and ensuring his treatments meet their overall goals. He mixes in compassion and humor to make each session effective and fun.


Dafna A.

Carlsbad, CA

Before working with Cory, I struggled with a chronic knee injury for 4 years, during which time I saw 6 physical therapists, 2 ART practioners, and 3 chiropractors. Cory was the person who helped me return to running and keeps me injury free. I am very grateful for his knowledge, skill and care!


Miami, CA

Cory is such a talented ART practitioner. He listens and picks up on things that I didn't even mention. While he has fixed my shoulder, I continue to send friends and family his way and they always thank me for it. 

Estrella P.

Miami, FL

Thank you, Cory, for your knowledge & understanding of the human body. The complex stretching of the muscles has really helped to heal and alleviate the deeper issues that I have...Rejuvenation in a few minutes!

Martin A.

Solana Beach, CA

I originally was treated by Cory for my neck and shoulder. I now see him as part of my ongoing maintenance program. I am also a high school football coach so see a lot of injuries that are easily addressed by a few sessions with Cory. Can't say enough about him.

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