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Sports Therapy ART treatment on shoulder

About ART

When injuries affect the quality of your life and impact the activities you do, it is time to get serious about treatment. People often ignore little aches and pains, chalking them up to the aging process. Unchecked and untreated, they can often become much worse. For more serious injuries, immediate treatment is even more imperative. 


ART is a type of sports therapy frequently used on patients who have chronic, acute, overuse and repetitive use injuries. The system also is effective in treating various post-operative conditions and pain. In fact, the number of post-operative patients treated with ART therapy is increasing due to the growth of scar tissue during the healing process. It is becoming more recognized that treating the scar tissue is important for improving long-term patient outcomes.

Feeling Good Is Priceless

Many of us take feeling good for granted until we are injured or develop a condition that changes how we enjoy everyday activities. When that happens, it's best to take immediate action so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.  Cory is passionate about helping people to feel their best. So many nagging issues are easily remedied when people receive the right treatment at the right time. 

Sports Therapy ART treatment on bicep
Sports Therapy ART treatment on hamstring

What to Expect

Active release technique is a very precise treatment and can sometimes feel “aggressive” or painful, which means it might not be right for everyone. It’s important to receive a thorough examination before having treatment performed if you’re currently injured or suffering from a limiting disability.

While some people experience positive results and improvements after just one ART session, everyone is different, and sometimes it takes more time. Soreness and mild pain after treatments is normal, just like with massage therapy. It’s best to pace out treatments according to how you react and to discuss your symptoms and progress with your provider before every session. How many sessions should you expect to need? Active in-training athletes usually receive ART at least one or two times per month, while others might benefit from one time monthly or even less in some instances.


Elisha D.

Denver, CO

I went looking for someone to help with the aches and pains of training for my first marathon…and to help me clean up some other muscle issues. Cory was just the guy I needed. His practice is not gentle, but it worked wonders for keeping my muscles, tendons, and ligaments healthy through it all. I finished that marathon in the top 15 percent of all females with absolutely no injuries, and no doubt that Cory deserved some credit for my success too!

Roxanne D.

Encinitas, CA

I’d been in chronic pain for years after sustaining massive neck and shoulder injuries after two major car accidents. Massage, yoga, chiropractic only helped short term, but nothing sustained. After just 8 sessions with Cory, the constant nagging pain has finally ceased. He is super professional, extremely precise, and very skilled in A.R.T. I wish I would have known about him years ago. I’m extremely grateful to have found him and his therapeutic hands.

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